Adaptec by PMC Presents at Avnet SSD Seminar Series

September 10, 2010 by | Comments

PMC-Sierra’s Channel Storage Division Sales Managers will present “Innovative and Intelligent: Differentiate Your System Design Now with Adaptec SSD Cache Performance Solutions” at the Avnet SSD Seminar Series on September 13, 15, 17 and 24, 2010 from 1:00pm to 1:30pm local time.

This seminar series will provide OEMs in the storage market segment with technical information on the benefits and total cost of ownership of solid state drives and how to intelligently manage data through hybrid RAID and SSD cache technology.

WHEN: September 13, 15, 17, 24 from 1:00pm t…

–(PMC-Sierra, Inc. News Release)–

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