AMD Offers New Products and Solutions for Embedded Market Segment

March 1, 2011 by | Comments

AMD at Embedded World  showed a line of new products and tools for embedded market segment, spanning a range of products, software, design, and sales support, including immediate availability of 3 new low-power processors for the AMD Embedded G-Series platform, as well as the new Systems and Technology track for the AMD Fusion Partner Program that is aimed at embedded solutions providers.

The introduction of new CPUs for the AMD Embedded G-Series platform will enable toughly embedded  systems, suitable for solutions “without a screen” or input device. These new APUs are offered in 5W and 18W power bands providing a set of advanced features not available from other x86 competitors, including out-of-order execution, a high-performance floating point unit, across-the-board 64-bit capability, and multi-core options.

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–(AMD Press Releases)–

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