AMD Releases latest drivers with OpenGL 4.1 Support

January 24, 2011 by | Comments

AMD announced support of OpenGL 4.1 for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Linux across ATI FirePro, ATI FireGL and AMD Radeon graphics adapters.

This functionality occurs with the release of the latest unified drivers versions 8.801 and 10.12, available here.

New support for OpenGL 4.1 includes:

  • compatibility with OpenGL 4.1 standard on AMD’s latest graphics products :
    • Improved OpenCL™ interoperability for accelerating computationally intensive visual applications
    • Continued support for both the Core and Compatibility profiles first introduced with OpenGL 3.2, enabling developers to use a streamlined API or retain backwards compatibility for existing OpenGL code, depending on their needs
    • Easier porting between mobile and desktop platforms with full OpenGL ES 2.0 API compatibility
    • Ability to query and load a binary for shader program objects to save re-compilation time
    • Capability to bind programs individually to programmable stages for programming flexibility
    • Higher geometric precision with 64-bit floating-point component vertex shader inputs
    • Increased rendering flexibility with multiple viewports for a rendering surface
  • Support for new ARB extension introduced with OpenGL 4.1:
    • Ability to set stencil values in a fragment shader for enhanced rendering flexibility
    • Callback mechanisms to receive enhanced errors and warning messages

–(AMD Press Releases)–

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