Brazil’s Largest Mobile Operator Increases Sales 30 percent with IBM Marketing Automation Software

November 11, 2010 by | Comments

11 Nov 2010:

From the Smarter Industries Symposium in Barcelona, Spain, IBM today announced that Vivo, the largest mobile telecommunications company in Brazil, has achieved more than a 30 percent increase in sales and reduced time to market and operating costs by adopting its marketing automation software.

Vivo deployed software from Unica, an IBM company, for advanced campaign management in 2009 to better leverage interactions with its customer base of more than 57 million users.  Its goal was to increase return rates on every contact. 

Vivo wanted to automate its marketing processes to ensure that its products and services offerings could be more easily coordinated with its marketing campaigns.

Previously, Vivo’s personalized campaigns could take as many as 30 days to complete—from creation to execution. 

Since installing IBM’s Unica Campaign and Unica Marketing Operations for marketing resource management, personalized campaigns take just one day to complete. Vivo has already experienced a 90 percent reduction in operating costs for campaign development and execution. 

With IBM’s marketing solutions, Vivo’s business intelligence team can define campaign target groups and create offers that are relevant for each type of customer or prospect, considering their profile, needs, and immediate interests. “The focus of our marketing initiative was to develop more effective customer interactions, minimize errors and reduce campaign operating costs,” said Leandro Andrade, Vivo’s Business Intelligence Director. “We wanted a marketing platform to support our goal of revenue growth through personalized marketing campaigns. And we’re certainly realizing this goal.” 

Using IBM’s marketing software, Vivo executes 180 campaigns per month, or nine each working day. 

“In addition to amazing results, we’ve also achieved a new level of efficiency, and can deliver our campaigns to market much quicker. We’ve created a ‘virtuous’ circle—relevant contacts with our clients, quicker response and results, better analysis and, again, new and more relevant contacts,” noted Kendji Wolf, Vivo’s CRM Division Manager.  

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