May 26, 2011 by
AMD was awarded yesterday "2011 Best Choice of Computex TAIPEI Award" for the Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) in the Computer & System category. The nomination is given by ...≫
May 25, 2011 by
AMD announced immediate availability of the new graphics cards, AMD FirePro V5900 and AMD FirePro V7900, more than doubling performance of competitive offerings in key professional market ...≫
May 24, 2011 by
AMD announced immediate availability of two new AMD Embedded G-Series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) with thermal design power (TDP) ratings of 5.5 and 6.4 watts, up to a 39% power ...≫
May 18, 2011 by
Based on the CUDA architecture codenamed "Fermi", the TeslaM-class GPU Computing Modules are the world’s fastest parallel computing processors for high performance computing (HPC). ...≫
May 12, 2011 by
Intel has released an HD Graphics driver update for the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family. As a results Intel claims an in increase of 40% performance, plus support for the latest games ...≫
May 12, 2011 by
AMD G-Series APU was awarded "Best in Show" for hardware at the Embedded Systems Conference by the industry firm VDC Research, as for a product that delivers innovation and better ...≫
April 12, 2011 by
AMD announced that Sony's video suite Vegas Pro 10.0d will benefit from AMD Fusion APUs and AMD’s  solutions such as ATI FirePro and AMD Radeon discrete graphics cards. ...≫
March 28, 2011 by
Intel today has announced immediate availability of its third generation Solid-State Drives 320 Series,  relying on its 25-nanometer NAND flash memory, delivering higher performance and ...≫
March 16, 2011 by
Intel announces that the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) Working Group has introduced the new ONFI 3.0 standard. The new specification, adopted also by Intel, will enable a new standard of ...≫
March 8, 2011 by
Intel Corporation announced yesterday the new family of business processors, Intel Core vPro 2nd generation. The new Core vPro processors will deliver increased performance thanks to Intel's new ...≫
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