CEA’s Sustainability Report

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As part of CES, CEA released the 2010 Sustainability Report, profiling the environmental and social leadership activities of its member companies. In this report, Intel is commended for working with The Green Grid to develop data center efficiency metrics; its own data center efficiency program, which has reduced the number of data centers it operates by 16%; and the Intel® Teach program, which helps teachers integrate technology into their lesson plans. Learn more about Intel’s responsibility efforts.

AN excerpt from the report:

“CEA is pleased to release the 2010 Sustainability
Report documenting the important contributions
of our industry to create a more sustainable
world. Our initial report in 2008 received wide
acclaim, and we are pleased to publish an updated
report. By reporting on the efforts of the industry
on an ongoing basis, we can highlight how the
consumer electronics industry is acting boldly
and continuing to raise the bar in addressing
environmental and societal challenges.”

–(Intel Press Room)–

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