Cisco Introduces 5940 Embedded Services Router good for Extreme Environments

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Nov. 8, 2010 – Cisco today announced the Cisco® 5940 Embedded Services Router (ESR), a high-performance, ruggedized router optimized for mobile and embedded networks that require IP routing and services. The Cisco 5940 ESR establishes a scalable mobile network in first-responder vehicles, armored vehicles, and passenger and freight rail trains. The network extends organizational resources with a high degree of security to employees in the field within the public safety, transportation, construction, mining and defense markets.

The 5940 ESR is designed for use in harsh environments – offering reliable operation in extreme temperatures and under shock and vibration conditions typical for mobile applications in rugged terrain. The flexible, compact form factor of the Cisco 5900 Series router product line, complemented by Cisco IOS® Software and Cisco Mobile Ready Net capabilities, provides highly secure data, voice and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across wired and wireless links.

News Facts:

  • Ad hoc networks are emerging to deliver IP-based voice, video and data to users operating beyond the reach of traditional fixed-network infrastructure.
  • Ad hoc networking offers compelling advantages in many environments and enables personnel to stay in touch with distant command centers, to have access to sensor readings on the ground, to communicate between vehicles, and to respond accordingly to changing orders, potentially helping to save lives and greatly increase mission effectiveness.
  • With onboard hardware encryption, the Cisco 5940 ESR offloads encryption processing from the route processor to provide highly secure yet scalable video, voice and data services for mobile and embedded outdoor networks.
  • The Cisco 5940 ESR’s high performance, four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and rich Cisco IOS Software feature set provide a great investment for customers deploying bandwidth-intensive applications in mobile or embedded networks.
  • The Cisco 5940 ESR is a 3U (100 x 160 millimeters) CompactPCI router card that is available in both air- and conduction-cooled models. Because of its small dimensions, the Cisco 5940 ESR solves critical size, weight and power challenges. 
  • Cisco has an ecosystem of partners and systems integrators that embed Cisco 5900 Series Router cards into industry-standard, commercially available enclosures and custom enclosures, tailored to the unique environments in which these routers are deployed.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Brad Boston, senior vice president, Research & Advanced Development, Cisco, said:
  • “The Cisco 5940 router is a key element of the solution architecture that defines Cisco’s vision for the mobile network of the future, a network that continuously adapts, enabling people to connect and communicate how, when and where they need to. Without relying on predefined fixed infrastructure, the 5940 can deliver versatile, military-qualified mobile networking designed specifically for the most demanding conditions.”

  • Tony Routledge, managing director and founder, AVI, said:
  • “Cisco has the breadth and depth needed to address all the requirements of truly mobile networking in rugged environments. The Cisco 5940 ESR can meet the demands of many types of extreme applications, making the most of limited bandwidth in constantly changing or emergency environments to enable a new level of response and effectiveness for public safety and government operations.”

  • Greg Giaquinto, senior aerospace/defense analyst, Forecast International, said:
  • “Defense and first-responder users have been demanding enterprise capabilities in the field for many years. With the Cisco 5940 Embedded Services Router and Mobile Ready Net capabilities, these users now have access to functionality, security and flexibility, without centralized network infrastructure.”

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