Dell Helps Customers Building Cloud And Hyperscale Computing Infrastructures

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Dell today announced growing market adoption and interest in its Dell Cloud Solutions as customers across a variety of industries including market research and IT hosting services have chosen Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) to build out their own cloud computing, data analytics and hyperscale data center installations. Supporting Dell’s broader Virtual Era strategy, these holistic cloud solutions are comprised of pre-tested, pre-assembled, fully-supported and optimized hardware, software and services. As a result, these customers have experienced a more responsive web infrastructure, deeper business insights and reduced overall operating costs.

Dell Cloud Solutions Drive Analytics and Application Development
Dell enables customers to protect and leverage existing IT investments while allowing them to take either a revolutionary or evolutionary path to deploying their cloud computing and hyperscale data centers. Utilizing its experience as the infrastructure partner for some of the world’s leading cloud service providers like OnLive and Microsoft Windows Azure, Dell Cloud Solutions, are pre-packaged and tested bundles that capture these learnings so customers can build efficient and affordable IT infrastructures that are easy to deploy, manage and run.

New Dell Cloud Solutions customers include:

  • Uniserve , a Canadian Internet services provider, has adopted the Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications to offer on-demand access to a high-performance Internet application and consumer delivery platform, for customers to develop iPhone apps to commercial storefronts, to hosting and delivering Software-as-a-Service.

  • InsightExpress, a leading provider of digital marketing research solutions, has deployed the Dell Solution for Data Analytics. The solution combines analytic platform software from Aster Data with Dell PowerEdge C servers with joint service and support, enabling InsightExpress to measure the effectiveness of advertising and brand communications for clients to drive high performing marketing campaigns.

  • Eightfold Logic, an inbound marketing innovator, is using Aster Data with Dell PowerEdge servers to help develop demand generation campaigns for its clients that attract and engage the highest possible volume of qualified website visitors. This solution drives qualified buyers to a website through search engine, social media, and cross-link optimization.

Enabling Open, Capable and Affordable Cloud Infrastructure
Since the introduction of new Dell Cloud Solutions and PowerEdge C servers in March 2010, customers globally have built efficient and affordable cloud computing and hyperscale data center installations. These best-of-breed solutions combine Dell cloud-optimized PowerEdge-C servers and services with integrated software from industry leaders such as Joyent, Aster Data and Greenplum. Solutions available today include: 

  • Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications is a pre-tested, pre-assembled and fully-supported hardware, software and services solution for deploying a platform as a service (PaaS) offering to run highly responsive web applications. The solution, targeted at IT service providers, hosting companies, telcos and online driven enterprises, combines Dell cloud-optimized servers and services with fully-integrated cloud software from Joyent. It is designed to increase resiliency, performance and efficiency at scale without the overhead associated with traditional virtualization environments.

  • Dell Cloud Solution for Data Analytics combines Dell cloud-optimized PowerEdge C servers with Aster Data nCluster—a massively parallel processing (MPP) database with an integrated analytics—to provide the market-leading analytic platform. It is designed to provide on-demand linear scaling for large data volumes, advanced analytics for deep business insights, and enterprise-class performance and availability critical to data-driven customer deployments.

  • Dell Cloud Solution for Data Warehousing combines Dell cloud-optimized PowerEdge C servers with Greenplum Database 4.0 for building enterprise data warehouses and consolidating data marts in massively parallel processing environments.

Customer Quotes
“We have aggressive growth plans as an IT hosting company that extends beyond Canada and into the U.S.,” said Michael Schmidt, CEO and President at Uniserve Communications. “In order for us to quickly ramp-up we needed to partner with someone who understood the cloud and IT hosting markets. That’s why we turned to Dell and Joyent. The expertise and combination of both companies gave us a turnkey cloud solution that we can easily scale as our needs grow.”

“We turned to Dell and Aster Data for assistance in managing complex and often disparate data sets,” said Marc Ryan, senior vice president, Chief Research Officer at InsightExpress. “The volume of data that needs to be analyzed when conducting market research or measuring digital media can be daunting. This solution provides us with the information needed to deliver accurate and meaningful counsel to our clients.”

“We rely on Dell and Aster Data to power our inbound marketing optimization platform, which enables our clients to attract and engage the highest possible volume of qualified website visitors per dollar spent,” said Alexander Balva, VP of Engineering, Eightfold Logic. “This solution provides our customers with an ad hoc analytic platform for real-time analyses and optimization of their inbound marketing strategy to improve ROI. One example of the performance we’ve seen with Aster Data and Dell is that queries, which used to take 45 minutes to run, now complete in seconds.”

Analyst Quote
“We are seeing more customers adopt packaged cloud solutions to quickly scale their business,” said Mark Bowker, ESG Senior Analyst. “Dell is artfully extending DCS to meet the needs of these dynamic businesses where easy deployment and fast access to their data analytics are paramount.”

Executive Quote
“DCS is expanding our presence and ability to help customers. Leveraging the experience that we have gained as a leading infrastructure partner to the world’s largest cloud providers, we have developed solutions targeted at the next 1,000 customers,” Roy Guillen, General Manager, Dell Data Center Solutions. “Combining our hyper-scale inspired PowerEdge-C systems with industry leading partner software, we’ve created integrated offerings that enable customers to accelerate and focus on their businesses rather than the solutions that support them.”

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