Dell Delivers Maximum Performance For Chicago Board Options Exchange

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Based on a strategy of creating an IT environment with the highest possible data center performance, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the largest U.S. options exchange and creator of listed options, selected Dell PowerEdge server solutions to help drive processing and completion of its up to 100 billion transactions per day. With a business that relies on micro-second options trading for more than 360,000 different products, CBOE will benefit from deploying PowerEdge R 610, R710 and R910 systems. By adding the new servers, CBOE estimates a 30-percent decrease in latency, and a 40-percent boost in processing power.

“In a business that relies on speed and dependability, we wanted to upgrade more than 700 servers running in our data center and prepare for C2, our new all-electronic options alternative, which we subsequently launched on October 29. The performance of our infrastructure needed to match our aggressive expansion plans,” said Gerald O’Connell, CBOE Executive Vice President of Systems and CIO. “We chose Dell for its impressive depth of resources and its ability to deliver the latest technology. Dell’s x86 server solutions offered CBOE the performance we wanted for our business-critical applications.”

As part of this upgrade, CBOE is replacing its current Sun x86 servers with Dell servers. In doing so, CBOE will be able to double the number of incoming data messages its distributed network of 22 ticker plants can process per second. This added capacity can allow CBOE to stay ahead of spikes in trading volumes, now allowing it to process message rates in the range of 2 million to 3 million messages per second.

Since the new servers each only take one unit of rack space, compared with four units for the previous servers, the migration will also help reduce CBOE’s hardware footprint, and create spare space when the exchange adds more servers.

Dell PowerEdge servers featuring Intel Xeon 7500 processors are ideal for customers looking to migrate from proprietary RISC/UNIX deployments in a flexible and affordable manner. By providing open standards based IT solutions supported by industry leading partners, Dell through short-duration services engagements is helping customers quickly and efficiently utilize x86 technologies to drive business value and growth.

“Customers are clearly benefiting from robust Dell x86 server solutions that can improve virtualization performance, speed resource consolidation and help support mission critical database applications,” said Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager for Dell’s Server Platform Division. “We’re not only one of the first to market with the latest technologies but offer customers a non-proprietary architecture capable of handling the toughest workloads. We’re simply enabling customers to do more with less and helping them to reap the benefits of open, capable and affordable IT solutions.”

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