Dell To Acquire Insite One

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Dell today announced its intent to acquire cloud-based medical archiving leader InSite One, Inc.™ to help healthcare organizations simplify retention of healthcare data. The InSite One solution helps customers reduce costs associated with long-term data storage and migration and eliminates one of the biggest shortcomings in healthcare today—the lack of sharing of images between medical professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The combination of InSite One’s cloud-based, vendor-neutral archive software and storage services with Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive solution will simplify data retention and let medical professionals access and share images regardless of the technology employed.

InSite One Industry Leadership

InSite One, headquartered in Wallingford, Conn., currently manages nearly 55 million clinical studies, more than 3.6 billion medical images and supports almost 800 clinical sites. It has become the preferred archiving platform for the diagnostic imaging industry. InSite One’s secure, scalable cloud infrastructure supports all PACS, data sources and modalities. Its patented tools along with expert services simplify the transition of medical information archiving to the cloud and address long-standing data management and retention challenges including:

  • Image size & complexity  > InSite One manages one of the world’s largest image databases
  • Incomplete patient records  > InSite One gives clinicians web-enabled image access
  • Image delivery speeds  > InSite One provides rapid indexing and sharing across systems
  • Data security & privacy  > InSite One’s datacenters provide security, reliability and redundancy
  • Increasing costs  > InSite One’s hosted capabilities lower total cost of ownership

Government and industry retention requirements, new modalities and the increasing resolution of medical images are creating unprecedented demand for storage among healthcare organizations. Medical image data in North America is projected to grow more than 35 percent annually to reach nearly 2.6 million terabytes by 2014**  . The potential proliferation of disconnected information repositories presents an additional challenge.

InSite One and Dell Capabilities

InSite One will give Dell a storage-as-a-service platform to archive digital content for companies in other industries on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. Dell’s strategy is to provide customers best-in-class, open and scalable solutions with deployment options that dramatically reduce the complexity and cost of storage and data management.

Dell and InSite One will provide healthcare customers with a secure, scalable, cloud-based, unified medical archive solution that supports HIPAA compliance and eliminates the silos of image information created when hospitals use multiple PACS. InSite One extends Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive solution and complements existing PACS environments. It combines vendor-neutral archive software with object-based storage to simplify archiving for IT staff and improves access to images for medical professionals. By moving archiving to the cloud, Dell can further reduce the overall cost of data storage and retention for hospitals, freeing up resources for critical business objectives and for improving the delivery of healthcare. InSite One’s data migration and recovery/backup services will also simplify the transition to the cloud for customers and ensure that information is managed safely and securely.

Terms of the transaction, which is subject to customary closing conditions, were not disclosed.


“Our customers have told us that managing the growing demands of both digital images and patient records is one of their greatest concerns,” said James Coffin, Ph.D., vice president of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences. “We are dramatically simplifying archiving and retention of clinical data, both medical images and electronic medical records. This will allow our customers to improve care and support medical innovation through the efficient use of IT, and we’re doing it in a way that actually simplifies access to the information when it’s needed by clinicians.”

“As the first company to bring cloud technology to the medical archive space, InSite One will help Dell’s healthcare customers take advantage of the economics and scalability of the cloud for medical archiving and retention,” said Berk Smith, vice president of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences Services. “And looking beyond archiving, the cloud will also be a valuable tool for information exchange which is foundational to the transformation of healthcare.”

“The InSite One team is thrilled to be joining the Dell team,” said Jim Champagne, CEO of InSite One. “As the industry’s leading provider of healthcare IT services, Dell will give InSite One an opportunity to reach more customers and expand our impact on the healthcare industry.”

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