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The hunt is on! Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is the first in the series to feature a range of multiplayer modes which allow you to feel the fear and adrenaline of being tracked down by your friends via PlayStation Network. takes you through some top tips to survive in Wanted mode.

Discretion is the better part of valour

Your task is to find designated targets in an environment full of lookalikes, while evading your own pursuers. So being discreet is essential. Only run if you need to escape an attacker or make up a short distance on your prey in the knowledge they can’t escape. Any suspicious behaviour, such as sudden changes of direction, breaking into short sprints or the lack of movement altogether are clear giveaways.

Similarly, look for these movements around you as they can tip you off as to which characters are human-controlled. While you shouldn’t let strange behaviour totally dictate your suspicions (as some computer-controlled characters will behave erratically to throw you off the scent) always be on your guard and overly cautious – and if anyone takes high ground or ducks into cover there’s no doubt they’re human.

Never rest on your laurels

You may be proud of yourself for luring in your prey and then leaping down from the tallest building to wipe out an unsuspecting target, but you’re never more vulnerable than when you’re eliminating a mark. Patient pursuers will instantly notice when you’re taking down your victim and can kill you immediately after if you’re not quick enough to react. Don’t be afraid to dash away once you’ve performed an assassination – it will draw out any lurking hunters instantly and put them on the back foot.

Know your surroundings

Knowledge of your environment is key to survival. Knowing which way to run and where the best hiding spots are can be the difference between running a target down… or meeting a sticky end. Chase Breakers, typically gates which close off certain areas when you run through them, are invaluable when you’re escaping, so always have a good idea where they are and be ready to get to them if needed. And remember, pausing the game won’t stop the session – everyone else will still be playing whether you are or not so if you need to take a break make sure you’re well hidden.

Success breeds suspicion

The better you are in taking down your targets, the more contracts will be put on your head. Up to four pursuers can be on your tail at the same time, which means your tactics will need to change if you’re finding yourself ahead of the pac

Because so many hunters will be looking for you, blending in with a dense crowd of lookalikes or hiding in wait for your attackers to come to you is a wise tactic to flush them out into the open and force them into making mistakes. If they accidently kill a civilian that looks like you during your ruse, you gain more points in the process and keep your lead. Just don’t make a habit of hiding too obviously or panicking. A cool head will prevail every time.

Smile for the camera

Good camera control is a must. Whether you’re roaming the streets alone or in a crowd, keep looking behind and above your character for any potential attackers. Only expert assassins will maintain their pretence of normality until you can’t do anything about it, so a quick check of your surroundings will often reveal who is making a last minute dash to claim your scalp. Using the camera to survey the area will often save your life, especially as your option to counter-attack can only work if you can see your assassin coming.

Adapt your profile to your playing style

The more you play, the more your character’s level will increase, leading to rewards to help your assassinations. Choose abilities that suit your playing style – if you like quick getaways, Sprint Boost will be your best friend. Or if you prefer to ramp up your potential hiding options, Disguise will make it easier to blend in with crowds. Pick wisely and you’ll become more efficient in your methods. 

Your life as a 16th century assassin begins here. Jump into Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and start skulking your way to success.

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