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Train your skills before the big kick-off in the downloadable demo of FIFA 11 from PlayStation Store.

The pitch is fresh and the fans are ready – it’s a brand new season for FIFA and you can polish your skills with the PlayStation 3 FIFA 11 demo on PlayStation Store. Tackle some of these tips and make sure your fancy footwork is silky smooth before the game’s full release in October 2010.

Study the team sheet
Getting to know your squad is even more important than ever before, thanks to Personality+. This new feature recreates the individual distinctness of each footballer’s personality, taking their quirks and playing style from real life and putting it on the FIFA 11 pitch, which means if a player likes to deliver crisp passes or battles for possession all over the pitch in reality, you can expect the same here.

Know who you’re playing against and be aware of their personality to use it to your advantage. If they like to shoot from distance, close down their space early, for example. Similarly, if you have someone in your team who loves to run into space for the perfect pass, make sure you give them the opportunity to shine by keeping your eye on their movement when you’re on the ball.

Passing advice
If you’re thinking about repeatedly tapping the pass button hoping that it will bamboozle your rivals, you may want to think again. The new Pro Passing system means you can’t get away with merely relying on your team’s natural ability. Now you have to take into account not only your own accuracy and the skill of the player you’re controlling, but also how the current situation will affect the pass itself.

A talented passer may cope better under the pressure of three defenders bearing down on him, while others will find it more difficult to accurately place the ball if there’s little time. Make sure that each pass you make takes into account who is making it and how fast the on-pitch action is. Become aware of your team’s key passers. If you’re not confident of a player’s ability, quickly get the ball to someone more able rather than trying anything spectacular.

An ill-judged forward ball may lose you possession, so it’s better to perform a safe pass backwards to a teammate than trying to force something going forward which could land you in trouble.

Express yourself – it’s one-on-one
In FIFA 11 you can really battle for the ball with 360° Fight for Possession. Physical play is now more intense and realistic than ever, so you can jostle, barge and battle for space, both on and off the ball. It’s a tactic you should take advantage of by not being afraid to run into rival players before going for the ball, or even using one teammate as a decoy to ensure your key man can get to the ball first.

However, be aware of your player’s Strength rating – Barcelona and Argentine forward Lionel Messi may be one of the world’s most skilful players but his small stature means he’ll likely lose a physical confrontation with larger or more powerful rivals. If a physical game doesn’t suit your players, then use guile and speed to compensate.

Take the game into your hands
If you’ve ever wanted to feel the thrill and pressure of being between the sticks, then FIFA 11 gives you the chance to be a goalkeeper in a fully player controlled 11 versus 11 match. This demo gives you a great taste of what it’s like to play in goal during the Arena warm-up. Simply press the SELECT button on the Wireless Controller and choose to play on the Defending side. Then you’ll be able to practise as Chelsea’s number one, Petr Cech, and pull off some stunning saves that will make your friends realise they’re in safe hands when it comes to the big game.

Download the FIFA 11 demo from PlayStation Store now and show the world just how good you are across the entire pitch.

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