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With Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II arriving in October 2010 on PS3, LucasArts has opened its vaults and released a downloadable demo on PlayStation Store for you to get to grips with. Check out this guide to mastering the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II demo available for free on PlayStation Store now.

Lightsaber slayer

A Jedi’s most important weapon is the lightsaber, so you’re going to need to master Starkiller’s attacks with this devastating weapon at the outset of the demo. Lightsaber slashes are performed by pressing the Square button. By combining it with the Triangle button and Circle button you can execute more complicated and powerful attacks, such as a lightsaber slash followed by a blast of lightning, or a Force Push that sends enemy Stormtroopers hurtling into the air.

Master the Force

Starkiller’s other essential weapon is his ability to harness the power of the Force to elevate objects, move platforms and even hurl TIE Fighters through the air. To use the Force, simply hold down the R2 button when facing an illuminated object. Once the object is in your grasp you can hurl it at an enemy using the right stick or even use it to smash terminals that power the force fields that are blocking your way into the next area.

Mind control

One of the new powers you will be able to wield in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the deceptive Mind Trick, a clever ability that can turn an enemy against their allies, or even cause them to leap to their demise. In the demo, you can use this to do both, depending on how you want to approach each battle with Darth Vader’s Stormtrooper army. The Mind Trick the perfect offensive attack should you find yourself running low on health and want someone else to fight your battles for you!

Take down a TIE Fighter

Over the course of the action-packed demo you’ll get to sample some of the game’s hugely cinematic moments, including pulling TIE Fighters from the air with your Force Power and slamming them into an electrical pylon to create a makeshift bridge that will help you gain access to the next area. To do this correctly, your timing needs to be impeccable. First, be sure to block the ship’s laser blasts by holding down the L2 button. Then, when the TIE Fighter is in range and glowing, press down the R2 button to yank it out of the air and hurl it at the pylon. You’ll need three direct hits to create the bridge, so make sure your aim is perfect.

Unleash Force Fury

During the final moments of the demo you’ll unlock Force Fury, a special ability that massively increases Starkiller’s attack damage. To trigger it, press the L3 and R3 buttons at exactly the same time. Now, unleash Force Fury on the final wave of Stormtroopers and those huge AT-ST Walkers coming your way!

Get a taste for Jedi combat and download the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II demo for free from PlayStation Store today.

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