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Namco Bandai has unveiled a demo on PlayStation Store of its hugely anticipated, latest instalment in the action-packed PlayStation 3 shoot-‘em up series. Check out this guide to perfecting the Time Crisis: Razing Storm demo.

Arcade action

The gives you immediate access to Arcade Mode, which is full of relentless action, bullets and swarms of enemies to engage. You can play it either on your own or with a friend if you have two PlayStation Move motion controllers or are using Wireless Controllers. The remaining modes, Story, Online Battle and Sentry are all available in the full game available to buy from stores in November 2010.

Calibrate and get ready

First things first – you’re going to need to calibrate your PlayStation Move motion controller if you’re going to survive this adrenaline-fuelled demo for Time Crisis: Razing Storm on PlayStation 3. It’s simple to do, so just select Crosshair Settings from the main menu and follow the on-screen prompts to configure your PlayStation Move motion controller. Ready? Time to lock ‘n’ load!

Click, click, boom!

The demo kicks off with an action-packed cutscene as you and your team of soldiers race through a small town that’s being overrun with giant robots and armed opponents. Grab your PlayStation Move motion controller and stop them before they take you down. The first shoot-out takes place at a fruit stand and enemies that are about to shoot at you are highlight by a red cross hairs, so point your motion controller at them and pull the trigger before the timer bar runs out and they shoot you first. Keep an eye out for explosive red barrels too; they’re perfect for taking out groups of enemies all at once.

Watch out for civilians

At one point early in the demo you’ll have to be careful where you place your shots because a number of civilians will scramble into the midst of the shoot-out. They are highlighted in a yellow box so be sure not to fire at them or you’ll be penalised for it.


Enemies will throw grenades at you too. Be sure to shoot them out of the air so they explode before they reach you. They’re ferociously lethal and deplete large amounts of your health extremely quickly.

Robot Raptors

The final section of the Time Crisis: Razing Storm demo are the Raptors, mechanical beasts capable of launching rocket attacks and ramming you. Thankfully you’re equipped with the Cluster gun, which fires multiple shots all at once and can block the Raptor’s ram attack by holding down the X button to raise your shield. Use it to shoot down the Raptor’s rockets before they hit you, and then take them out of the game before they run rampage on your PlayStation 3.

Visit PlayStation Store now and download the demo for free.

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