Eight ways to get more from your PS3

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Did you know your PlayStation 3 can do so much more than just play the hottest games? Find out everything you need to know to kick-start your PS3 experience.

1. Enhance your games

Take your gameplay experience into fresh and exciting places with fantastic peripherals such as the PlayStation Move motion controller, which thrusts you into a world of incredibly accurate motion control technology, working alongside the PlayStation Eye camera to pick up your every move.

If you’re going to take on friends and family at Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz then you’ll definitely want some Wireless Buzz! Buzzers, while you can show your star quality with Wireless SingStar Microphones for the music game sensation, SingStar.

For the speedsters among you, the Driving Force GT racing wheel is the ideal way to step your performance up a gear in games like Gran Turismo 5.

2. Explore the world of entertainment with PlayStation online

There is a whole world out there to discover by signing up to PlayStation Network. Free to access, PSN is your gateway to a wonderful range of entertainment options and perks, including downloadble games and extras from PlayStation Store. Create an account now at eu.playstation.com/registration. To make your PlayStation Network journey even easier, you can buy a Wireless Headset and Wireless Keypad. Take a look at what they can offer you at eu.playstation.com/ps3/peripherals/.

Want to get out by staying in? There’s a vast online world awaiting you with PlayStation Home, free and exclusive to PlayStation 3. Check out this High Definition social wonderland at eu.playstation.com/pshome.

3. Discover the next big thing

Want to freshen up your collection or find the perfect game for friends and family? Why not use the handy Games Finder at eu.playstation.com/ps3games. With the redesigned PlayStation 3 browser, tracking down the ideal game has never been easier on your PS3.

4. Watch movies and video

You can’t have failed to notice that your PlayStation 3 is a lean, mean movie playing machine. Not only can you play High Definition Blu-ray Discs, you can also watch incredible stereoscopic 3D compatible movies if you have a 3D compatible TV.

MUBI, LOVEFiLM and the PlayStation Store Video Store also bring you a wealth of downloadable movies through PlayStation Store without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

PlayTV lets you watch, pause and record digital television on your PlayStation 3, and catch-up TV websites such as BBC iPlayer are at your fingertips. And don’t forget you can pick up a Blu-ray Disc Remote Control for slick and easy control over your videos.

5. Enjoy music

You can also strut your funky stuff with the ability to store and play your CDs and MP3s on the system, as well as watch thousands of music videos absolutely free with VidZone. Don’t forget the PlayStation 3 Visual Player provides a variety of eye-pleasing visual backgrounds while your favourite music plays.

6. Supercharge your PlayStation experience

Unlock the full potential of PlayStation Network on PS3 with PlayStation Plus, a subscription service which offers a host of premium and exclusive features. Enjoy early access to selected game beta trials and demos before anyone else and download fresh games, add-ons, avatars and dynamic themes for free. Find out more at eu.playstation.com/playstationplus.

7. Keep your finger on the pulse

You can keep up to date with the constantly evolving world of PlayStation in a number of ways, from the official PlayStation Forums at community.eu.playstation.com and PlayStation.Blog at blog.eu.playstation.com, to handy features such as Weekend Essentials right here on eu.playstation.com. And don’t forget you can read these sites on your PlayStation 3 browser and your mobile device by downloading the PlayStation Official App.

Be sure to opt in to receive PlayStation emails when you sign up for a PlayStation Network account. If you already have an account, sign in to your PlayStation Network account settings at eu.playstation.com/sign-in or via the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) Menu and opt in. That way you can keep bang up to date and receive the latest PlayStation news direct to your inbox.

8. Get a helping hand

If you’re feeling a bit stuck there is an extensive support section on eu.playstation.com/support to point you in the right direction. You can also call upon the aid of the PlayStation community through the official PlayStation Forums.

Remember, with PlayStation 3 the game is just the start. So settle back and prepare for an entertainment extravaganza all from the comfort of your own home.

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