Eizo DuraVision FDF2301-3D debuting at CES 2011?

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Back in the end of November, Eizo announced a 23″ LCD Monitor with 3D glassless technology.

The DuraVision FDF2301-3D will sport a Full HD matrix at 1920 x 1080 pixels,  using a for the first time a new proprietary technology  that allows directional backlight.

The gimmick lies into the directional backlight technology to allow naked eye to benefit from 3D view enabling an image “disparity” to the left & right eye, using a timing-difference technique for the same pixel being displayed.

According to Eizo this solution allows users to see a “real” three-dimensional, high-quality image with excellent depth resolution, without typical 3D eyeglasses.

The unit will sport 2 DVI-D sockets allowing VESA Stereo Sync and
2D/3D mode switching mode

Will the FDF2301-3D make it’s début at CES 2011?

Stay tuned!

The new technology has its own backlight, and the world’s first tabletop
A 23.0-inch full HD 3D without glasses for commercialization of the LCD monitor.

About  1
Hakusan, Ishikawa Prefecture   Nanao Corporation headquarters,  Shiyou Takashi  Minoru Mori President and CEO, 3D glasses to be used
Rather than for the industrial market can see the expressive power of stereoscopic depth   excellent high definition resolution of 58cm depth
Type naked  3D  23.0 inch color LCD monitor below DuraVision FDF2301-3D , FDF2301-3D  2011
Will be released in the first half. Open Price
 ※ 
FDF2301-3D is a proprietary Directional Backlight System enables high resolution display directional light  
With the. The 3D desktop models naked on the LCD monitor, large screen, full 23.0  type of HD 1920  × 1080
The world’s first product will be capable of displaying high definition.
※ Open price items are not setting a price.

FDF2301-3D development, public offering of National Institute of Science and Technology Agency
Accelerate Business Development – Business Equipment Business Innovation  advanced measurement and analysis techniques; 
In practical prototype demonstration program in FY 2009 adopted  issues
 system was chosen as the “real-time stereo SEM development” as part of
Been made.
Adopted the theme of challenges, real-time stereo scanning electron microscopy SEM 
High resolution and depth required for  microscope, naked old 3D color LCD monitor
To achieve a high-definition display monitor in solving problems.

Directional Backlight adopted this approach, for the naked eye 3D view and configure the image disparity 
 a view for the left eye by the time difference from the same pixel display, 3D image reflects. Each parallax image
There is no need to allocate a pixel LCD panel, full HD LCD panel with high resolution that will
Advantage of you, you can see the real three-dimensional image with excellent depth resolution.
The direction of the light   your eyes left and right parallax images of the user, LED LCD monitor was used
Due to the light source determines offices including a problem with the naked eye other 3D systems, and by using a lens barrier
There is no occurrence of moire and 縞目. Satoshi Uehara also appears to reverse the display image at an angle “vision” reverse
Without the occurrence of peripheral to screen high-definition 3D images can be found stable.

FDF2301-3D is a market, SEM, and semiconductor inspection equipment mounted on a scanning electron microscope  , various academic
And assume authority.

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