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Intel CISO Malcolm Harkins recently sat down to talk with CIO magazine (page 13) about his “run-toward-risk” security philosophy that embraces social media and has been key to Intel IT department’s success in safely championing the Web 2.0 trend among employees.

Excerpt from the Article:

If it were up to Malcolm Harkins,
drivers would spend their days
navigating through many more traffic
circles and much fewer traffic lights.
Before cueing the “Look kids, Big
Ben” scene in European Vacation when
Chevy Chase’s character gets stuck driving
in a roundabout for hours, it may be
wise to hear Harkins out on this one.
The 43-year-old chief information
security officer of Intel is a contrarian,
of sorts, who believes that “running
toward risk” is much more rational
than the conventional business
approach of avoiding it entirely.
As Harkins explains, since a circle
results in far fewer fatal collisions
while still enabling cars to move, albeit
slowly, it actually is more effective and
efficient than a traffic mechanism that
stops automobiles altogether, but occasionally
leads to a frightening wreck.
So what do traffic control strategies
have to do with Harkins’ job?

Full article here

–(Intel Press Room)–

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