Fujitsu’s SUPA Rules!

March 2, 2011 by | Comments

Fujitsu presented at the CeBIT 2011 the world’s first wireless PC displays based on the so-called SUPA (Smart Universal Power Antenna) with production expected to happen next year.
This achievement sets a milestone in the development of monitors and is based on wireless power technology of the Fraunhofer Institute ENAS and partners in a research project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics. 

The new display is mobile, cordless and uses the first of its kind wireless technology for the power supply and the video signal.

According to Fujitsu, the technology is safe and comparable with induction hob or charging stations for electric toothbrushes. Moreover, images can be transmitted wireless using wi-fi USB from a desktop PC or a notebook for up to ten meters away on the monitor.
The new monitor is on show at CeBIT


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