Gemalto could Spread Facebook to every GSM phone

February 15, 2011 by | Comments

Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook could be available for every GSM phone in the world after the announcement of Facebook for SIM by the Amsterdam-based digital security firm Gemalto at the Barcelona Mobile World Conference.

GSM Association states there are more than 5 billion GSM connections in the world, while the latest subscriber figures for Facebook put it at over 500 million subscribers.

Gemalto’s application will run in the phone’s SIM card, rather than on the phone, and will give users access to all of the text-based services on Facebook, such as friend requests, status updates, wall posts or messages.

It also offers unique functions: people can sign up for this service and log-in directly from the SIM application. Interactive Facebook messages pop-up on the phone’s screen so people can always share up-to-the-minute posts and events. Users can also automatically search their SIM phonebook for other friends and send them requests.


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