Google Me: breaking FirtsComers Law.

June 28, 2010 by | Comments

There are some speculations about Google’s upcoming social media service named “Google Me”, that made me think about what I call the “FirstComers Law”, a well-known phenomenon that works this way:

once you fill successfully an empty area in a marketplace, it is very difficult to knock you out.

Why? Well the answer is very simple: we have no more extra time in our busy life!

You may want to invest your time learning something new ONCE: after spending a few days to get used to your email client, you don’t want to start again the game regardless the efficiency of a newer can-do-anything breaking tool….. Could it be this the reason why I’m still using MS Outlook to manage my emails? :-)

So, if you’re happy with your Gmail, MSN messenger & Facebook habits, why should you switch?

Let’s face it: Google broke this rule in the past with it’s popular search engine, when it switched search engines consistency to unreached-before heights; bloated Altavista, Excite & Yahoo search results were over.

Can they do it again?

I really can’t tell you until the G-Giant will make his next move!

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