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According to John Dodge, Cholera has spread to all 10 regions in Haiti and has claimed more than 2,000 lives. The number of H5N1 flu victims in Egypt has reached 113. There’s a typhoid outbreak in Alegria on Cebu Island in the Philippines. An unconfirmed case (or cases) of E. coli has been reported in Newark, Ohio.

Every day, HealthMap aggregates dozens of entries like these so clinicians, field workers, public health officials, travelers or anyone, for that matter, can see where outbreaks are occurring across the globe.

HealthMap is also among a growing number of disease and disaster mapping apps that take advantage of the Internet, mobile devices and GPS to provide critical up-to-the minute information to relief workers, physicians, volunteers and every day citizens. Many of these marvelous and mostly free apps rush help to where it’s needed most to ease suffering and ultimately save lives.
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