Hitachi Data Systems Enhances Device Monitoring Capabilities and Provides Access for Third-party Reporting Tools

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November 9, 2010 — Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT), today announced Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer 2.5, an all-in-one availability and performance monitoring software product for midsized business IT environments. The software provides essential capabilities to efficiently and cost-effectively monitor heterogeneous server, network and storage devices. Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer features include automated root cause analysis, a simplified network path view, an agentless architecture, an award-winning unified, intuitive web-based interface, proactive alerting, multivendor platform support and an open platform.

Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer includes access for third-party reporting tools to the Analyzer database. Analyzer 2.5 is enhanced with IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) framework support, allowing servers to be monitored via plug-ins even when the OS is not running. It also features full integration with Dell servers enabling Analyzer to monitor Dell server specific metrics. The new version has added D-Link and Netgear switch monitoring. Additionally, a new Java plug-in framework gives users flexible and powerful monitoring of a wider variety of devices in their IT environment.

“IT departments in midsized companies need to know the health of the devices in their IT infrastructure,” said Patricia Meacham, IT Operations software business leader, Hitachi Data Systems. “They realize that if an IT system fails or becomes unavailable, it impacts business and revenue can be lost. Today’s enhancements in IT Operations Analyzer improve its ability to monitor a wider range of servers, switches and storage devices from multiple vendors to provide customers uncomplicated, thorough monitoring capabilities for a broad set of heterogeneous IT equipment. Analyzer gives IT organizations integrated insight into the performance and availability of their infrastructure.”

Through a single interface, Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer shows the availability and performance of the heterogeneous servers, LAN, SAN and storage devices on a network. Root cause analysis enables the reduction of the mean time to diagnose IT environment outages by up to 90 percent. Additionally, Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer can integrate with independent software vendor (ISV) applications and third-party devices, via plug-ins, providing unified monitoring of the entire network infrastructure.

Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer 2.5 also offers integration with the new Epicor ITSM 2010. Epicor is the first IT service desk provider to integrate its industry-leading business software solutions with Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer. With the combination of Epicor ITSM 2010 and Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer, businesses can more easily and efficiently connect and align their information systems and technology resources, allowing them to respond more quickly to continually changing business and supporting IT infrastructure requirements.

Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer software won the prestigious 2010 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Silver Award in the Interactive Product Experiences category under the Business, Communications and Productivity division. The IDEA competition celebrates the most inventive, creative product and product concept designs of the year as judged by an international panel of design experts.


Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer 2.5 is available worldwide.

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