HP Helps Travel Industry Improve the Customer Experience

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HP Enterprise Services today announced the planned expansion of its consumer travel enterprise platform, which is designed to enable airline, hospitality, rail, cruise and car rental clients to offer more customer-centric service.

HP’s current consumer travel product offerings enable clients to increase revenues, enhance customer service and more rapidly respond to market changes and opportunities. They are built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) using intuitive user interfaces – replacing the decades-old, mainframe-based designs of legacy systems. Clients will find increased agility with a platform that is designed to be more reliable, easier to use, highly flexible and less expensive to operate and maintain than previous solutions.

“Competitive pressures as well as a tough economic climate have highlighted the constraints of the travel industry’s current passenger and guest systems,” said Sean Kenny, senior vice president, Worldwide Applications and Business Process Outsourcing, HP Enterprise Services. “HP is making significant investments to develop solutions built on modern technologies that are designed to enable clients to enhance their efficiency and productivity.”

HP Enterprise Services has licensed the Pegasus Solutions RezView® NG distribution platform to accelerate its investment in next-generation consumer travel solutions.

Known for its highly reliable interfaces with a wide variety of property systems in the hospitality space and its rapid implementation options, Pegasus’ RezView NG platform will be integrated into HP consumer travel solutions via the HP Transportation SOA. This will enable faster deployment of the HP solutions across multiple segments, including airline and hospitality.

“HP’s licensing of RezView NG is a tangible and natural extension of our existing relationship and will be of great value to travel-related organizations,” said Mike Kistner, chief executive officer, Pegasus Solutions. “This agreement broadens the scope of RezView NG, which has the unrivaled ability to manage the technology and business of reservations in today’s complicated and competitive shopping environment.”

Advancing airline reservation systems

As part of the licensing agreement, HP plans to incorporate the RezView NG platform into the HP Agilaire Passenger Service Solution. Built using SOA, which improves flexibility and speeds implementation, Agilaire is designed to enable airlines to offer their passengers a differentiated travel experience while simultaneously improving the airline’s business performance.

Agilaire is expected to help airlines meet the international standard for ancillary sales related to travel, such as baggage fees and frequent traveler lounge access, by including an updated version of the
HP Electronic Miscellaneous Documents module. Agilaire also will include the latest release of the
HP Ticket Reissue and Refund module, which fully automates the process of ticket refunds using HP’s database of 24 months of historical airline fare data.

Taking hotels to the next generation

HP also plans to use Pegasus’ RezView NG platform to provide a comprehensive next-generation solution for the hospitality industry, including central reservation and property management solutions. HP intends to offer flexible, modular solutions to fit the particular needs of hospitality clients.

The HP offering will be designed to help hotels manage room and non-room inventory, availability status, restrictions, pricing and policies per property preference. The planned functionality and scalability of the solution includes consistent views of data with the convergence of central reservations, web functionality and tight integration with property management systems.

More information regarding HP’s consumer travel industry solutions is available at

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