IBM’s New Cloud Based Services to Improve Service Desk Operations

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IBM today announced the availability of new online software services – as a monthly subscription offering – that enables better automation and control of IT Service Desk functions—a critical component in maintaining business operations.

Even small and mid-size companies’ IT Service Desks deal with labor-intensive services for employees such as onboarding new hires, fixing laptops and resolving IT issues. Many companies struggle with slow, inefficient service request handling because at the core their application support, networking, facilities and IT assets aren’t integrated and depend on manual updates.  For example, IBM estimates that only 5 percent of service and support issues are resolved by self-service, making automation and integration crucial for service management.
To help meet the demand of automating IT functions, IBM Tivoli Live – service manager allows clients to start small with IT Service Desk functionality, for instance, and grow into more extensive IT automation services as a company’s needs change—such as change management, asset management and other IT management areas.   

Since Tivoli Live –service manager is delivered on the IBM Cloud and based on a subscription model, the service reduces the complexity and management required by on-premise deployment. There is no need to purchase hardware, software licenses or engage in extensive software configuration. This software-as-a-service is based on IBM’s on-premise, enterprise software that hundreds of clients use today.  In addition to choosing which IT processes clients want to automate first, they can also choose which ones they want to access through the cloud or deploy on-premise.

“IBM gives clients the choice —‘Do I want to rent, buy or ‘mix and match’ our software for automating IT?’,” said Rich Esposito, vice president, Workplace Services, IBM IT Strategy Services. “With today’s news, IBM lets clients solve their service management issues with a quick and easy on-ramp that also provides a pathway to greater enterprise IT automation down the road — without lock in.”

Many companies struggle with slow, inefficient service request handling because at the core their application support, networking, facilities and IT assets aren’t integrated and depend on manual updates.  IBM’s Tivoli Live – service manager helps connect the silos within service management with a portfolio of automated functions. For example, when a manager onboards a new employee, an online service catalog helps the manager set up the employee’s items such as an office space, laptop, network access, email identification, etc. If an employee inquires about a down database the service agent can quickly understand the business impact using the application topology and appropriately assign priority to the “trouble ticket.” This improves response time, resource allocation and data availability.

Unlike competitors, IBM offers software-as-a-service that integrates IT Service Desk with monitoring services that manages the health and performance of IT resources, including operating systems, virtualized servers, middleware and software applications.  This is available by integrating Tivoli Live – service manager with Tivoli Live – monitoring service, offering clients a fully integrated service management environment.

IBM’s Tivoli Live – service manager includes this comprehensive suite of integrated services:

·        Incident and problem management: Helps efficiently manage service desk operations to provide quick resolutions to requests. Knowledge management capabilities takes the strategies and best practices of individuals or organizational processes to help meet business objectives such as improving performance, gaining competitive advantage, sharing lessons learned, and better integration within the company. Additional features include:
o        Escalation management that helps bring order, structure, focused management attention and additional resources to situations that could result in a high level of disruption or customer dissatisfaction;
o        Diagnostics that helps remote take-over of employee laptops/work stations; and
o        Self service portal for employees to resolve issues on their own or tools to automate resolution of routine tickets.
·        IT asset management: Manages the lifecycle of IT assets, including software and hardware such as servers, networking equipment, laptops, etc. This feature streamlines the process and improves the control of managing these assets. As a result, accountability of inventory is increased to ensure compliance and provide better performance for users. Risk is also reduced through standardization, proper documentation and loss detection.   
·        Service catalog: Provides users with a single portal for requesting standard IT and non-IT services such as requesting a new laptop, change in benefits, resetting passwords, adding or removing an employee to a department, resetting printer toner, etc. Built-in tools enable capabilities to create and publish service offerings in the portal and define manual or automated request fulfillment plans.   
·        Change, configuration and release management: Helps employees efficiently manage and adopt any change to the business environment such as staff reorganization, technology use changes, even company culture adaptations. Change management is integrated with configuration and release process management, which assesses the potential impact of the change on other modifications being made to the organization. This gives confidence to users that they have assessed the impact before adaptations are applied.

IBM Tivoli Live – service manager leverages existing market proven software products built on a common platform known as Tivoli process automation engine. The service will offer 24×7 phone and email support, and will have extensive self-help content to get running quickly.

More information on IBM Tivoli Live – service manager is available at

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