Internet Explorer 9 Tracking Protection Described

December 7, 2010 by | Comments

Recently, policy makers in Washington, D.C., Brussels, and around the world have discussed how companies collect, use and store information from people browsing online. With the development of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft is introducing a new feature, “Tracking Protection,” to help consumers be in control of potential online tracking as they move around the Web.

Tracking Protection is the new privacy feature in Internet Explorer 9 designed to help keep third-party websites from tracking your Web behavior. With Tracking Protection, consumers can filter content in a page that may have an impact on privacy.

Microsoft News Center spoke with Corporate Vice President Dean Hachamovitch, head of Internet Explorer development, and Chief Privacy Strategist Peter Cullen to learn more about the company’s privacy efforts with Internet Explorer 9 and what it means for consumers and the advertising industry.

–(Microsoft PressPass, Information for Journalists – Feature Stories)–

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