LG 2011 Cinema 3D Lineup Lands in the UK

April 14, 2011 by | Comments

LG announced the 2011 range sporting Cinema 3D and Smart TV, claimed to be available in stores next week, such as the first flicker-free 3D TV range (LW450U, LW550T, LW650T series) that come in screen sizes from 32 to 55 inch.

Each Cinema 3D TV comes with 7 pairs of polarized glasses, the same as those used in most 3D cinemas nationwide. If you need extra, you can get them from just £2 each. One of the impressive things about Cinema 3D™ is its wide viewing angle which means family and friends now can truly enjoy the magic of 3D together (without having to remortgage your home to afford extra glasses).$$$$2

At this year’s CES, LG’s Smart TV platform won an Innovations Award. Smart TV provides access to a huge choice of services and content including apps, online videos and social networking sites*. With LG’s Smart TV service, you can get almost limitless content in big screen quality and on demand.

The 2011 range is currently on show at the Gadget Show Live (13th – 17th April). If you are going we will see you there. There are also chances to see and try out the new products at the nationwide Life’s Good Lounge Tour, which will visit shopping centres** from 22nd April – 26th June.


–(LG Blog)–

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