LG Optimus Black Launched

May 17, 2011 by | Comments

Today sees the launch of the new LG Optimus Black through T-Mobile! Unveiled at CES in January the Optimus Black turned heads due to its slim design, measuring just 9.22mm in depth and its NOVA display.

The 4-inch Nova display is a first to the market, offering 700 nits of brightness for optimal visibility whilst also offering a 50% reduction on power consumption when used indoors in comparison to a standard LCD display.

The Optimus Black comes with Android 2.2, with Android 2.3 upgrade capability, a newly updated LG UI and the world’s first front facing 2MP camera and Wi-Fi direct for improved connectivity.

Order your LG Optimus Black from T-Mobile

Buy your LG Optimus Black today is a post from: LG Blog

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