Microsoft DigiGirlz and Barbie: Science and Technology Engage Inspirational

November 18, 2010 by | Comments

November 18, 2010 — As part of its ongoing DigiGirlz program to encourage young girls to explore computer science careers, Microsoft has joined forces with Mattel and the Girl Scouts of Northern California.

Barbie has a diverse resume — she’s been a doctor, a teacher and a chef; she’s raced cars for NASCAR and trained Shamu for Sea World. Now, Barbie can add computer engineer to her list of careers. But Computer Engineer Barbie is in the minority. In the real world, women earn only 18 percent of all computer science degrees, even though they represent more than 50 percent of the population on U.S. college campuses. And only 10 percent of American engineers today are women.

–(Microsoft PressPass, Information for Journalists – Feature Stories)–

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