Microsoft rolls out Internet Explorer 9 (Beta)

September 17, 2010 by | Comments

Yesterday Microsoft released it’s next-gen browser Internet Explorer 9, beta.

Seems quite a long time a go when Microsoft was holding 95% share in the browser arena. Things changed a bit though: roughly holding 50% market share nowadays, Microsoft looks like wishing to rescue with a strong come back, attempting to slow down Firefox and Chrome’s rise.

The lightened new look follows Chrome’s minimal user interface, wiping out the screen area making more room available to render page content.

Under the hood, the completely redesigned engine promises to burn rendering time & applets execution, benefiting from hardware acceleration on the Windows platform, although also Chrome and Firefox developers are working on this. The Javascript engine has been redesigned too, and Microsoft claims it’s browser now being in the top performers zone.

On the capabilities side, the new browser will support HTML5,CSS3,SVG, ICC Color Profiles, DOM L2 and L3 & ECMAScript5.

You can download the beta preview here

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