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Fun and snackable, minis have been gracing the screens of PlayStation 3 and PSP for over a year now. Read on to find out which ones hit the virtual shelves of PlayStation Store last month.

Get hooked

Put your fishing skills to the test in the new angling adventure, Flick Fishing. Cast your line in seven different locations and reel in loads of fish using a combination of different bait and techniques.

If you want to show off your fishing finesse, enter one of the 12 fishing tournaments and see if you can catch some exotic species – just make sure you don’t lose your prize to a snapped line.

A walk on the wild side

Take on the role of a member of the Mafia in Crime Spree, the new action title from GameShastra.

Collect loads of cash as you drive through the city without getting busted by the cops. Try to collect all your loot within a time limit in Arcade Mode, or just grab as much as possible before the police catch up with you in Survival Mode.

Grab the cash for the notorious godfather and don’t get caught.

Don’t stop the music

Try your hand at keeping the beat in the musical Boom Beats. Tap the rhythm to a range of different tracks inspired by drum and bass, dub step and house music, all produced by a professional DJ. As you become a musical master, unlock more difficulty modes to put your tempo to the test.

Take down the Scumbags!

Fancy an old school sidescrolling shooter? We’ve got that covered too. Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags is also available to download from PlayStation Store.

Play as space pilot Ace Armstrong and eliminate the relentless extraterrestrial menaces that lurk just about everywhere. Battle over a dozen flavours of Alien Scumbag and try to defeat five huge bosses to save the world.

A different kind of construction…

You’ll have your work cut out for you in the latest minis title from Nordcurrent, Urbanix. Conquer three very different worlds and build on them whilst avoiding attacks from dangerous enemies.

Begin your adventure as a tiny tractor on Earth, before progressing to the North Pole and then the Moon where your mission becomes harder and your enemies more deadly. Delve into 150 levels of building mayhem.

All minis can be downloaded from PlayStation Store. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting bite-sized titles coming your way soon.

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