My 2 cents on Facebook’s security

July 13, 2010 by | Comments

If you look backwards, you will discover that Facebook, since it was launched, collected a series of flaws and exploits on the privacy side that will make you smile.

Not very much smiling if YOUR account has been hacked. Did you enjoy getting to know anyone out there has been watching at your family pictures? No.

How could it be possible that so many exploits over the time could get through so easily?

Of course this is the biggest social networking website, no wonder there are hundreds if not thousands hackers out there trying to get into it, every day…… quite stupid to say, as “Microsoft owns the longest list of security exploits, compared to ….”. Let’s not be silly…. Microsoft OSes hold 90% operating systems market share!!

However, it is quite strange that FB started to restrict users privacy settings, just recently.

I suspect that FB “restrictions” go exactly in the opposite direction of FB’s marketing proliferation strategies…. The more the platform is “open”, the easier you will “identify” someone, the easier you’ll reach someone.

Easy conclusion, isn’t it?

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