NVIDIA Invasion

December 16, 2010 by | Comments

A crowd of PC manufacturers is expected to launch a multitude of new products in the first half of 2011 that feature NVIDIA GeForce GPUs, using new generation of Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs.

The trend will span over a variety of notebook and desktop systems from leading OEMs including Acer, Alienware, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba.

As the demand for processing power continues to grow, and computer makers are increasingly moving to NVIDIA GeForce GPUs to achieve higher levels of performance not available with integrated graphics on applications such as games, video editing, web browsing, and 3D movies.

According to NVIDIA, GeForce GPUs offer differentiated features such as:

  • NVIDIA 3D Vision™ support, for eye-popping immersive 3D environments
  • PhysX™ physics engine support, for experiencing games with realistic physics effects
  • CUDA™ architecture support, for GPU computing applications
  • NVIDIA Verde™ notebook drivers, for system stability and optimal performance
  • Support for NVIDIA 3DTV Play™ software, for connecting 3D Vision-based notebooks and desktops to a 3D TV.

–(NVIDIA Corporation)–

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