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e asked the members of the official PlayStation Forums at to tell us their favourite spine-tingling game on PlayStation. Check out the ghoulish top ten below.

1. Silent Hill (PS one)
“Hearing the static of the radio that tells you that there are hostile beings nearby that you can’t see but feel is priceless.” (blucerkiato, Italy)
“I’d hear that radio everywhere for weeks after playing – a top class game!” (T-e-X, United Kingdom)

2. Dead Space (PlayStation 3)
“The surroundings, the sound, each step I take in this game makes me fear what’s around the next corner.” (davidsantos, Portugal)
“What an adrenaline shot! That spaceship, alone in the dark and so many frights coming from those aliens! There were some moments when you could take my sofa away and I’d have remained in the same position.” (kragny, Spain)
“Dead Space was pretty jumpy in parts and I always felt pretty tense about what was going to come around the next corner. Standing in the lifts always gave me the jitters as well.” (Rooney53, United Kingdom)

3. Project Zero (PlayStation 2)
“If a haunted house is scary, imagine being able to see dead people through a camera… that is even worse.” (Panquecas, Portugal)
“You cannot hide from your enemies since they are ghosts who can go through walls. The only way to defend yourself is using your picture camera, changing to first person mode and not being able to see who is coming from behind.” (Vis_T, Spain)
“I remember all these ghosts that suddenly appear out of the blue and you have to try to capture them with the camera.” (Jackfriz, Italy)

4. Resident Evil 2 (PS one)
“One of the worst experiences with survival horror videogames, not just because I was really young but for the way that one moment things are calm and quiet and then suddenly change for the worse.” (OuterHeaven__, Spain)
“I remember that playing this game, the biggest fright was when the zombie’s hands reached through the window in the police station and grabbed me.” (Rympal, Poland)
“For me it is without a doubt the moment when Leon stops in front of a pool of blood, examines it and then raises his head before you see a Licker. I remember quickly putting the disc away in its box.” (Mauno, France

5. Clock Tower 3 (PS2)
“The idea of being an innocent little girl chased by evil murderers without the chance to escape grabbed my attention.” (Lost_rider, Italy)
“That doll still gives me the heebie-jeebies to this day.” (penguin_on_speed, United Kingdom)

6. Silent Hill 3 (PS2)
“Definitely the scariest game I’ve ever played mostly because of the oppressive atmosphere of the whole game.” (Remy2405, Germany)
“Silent Hill 3 scared the living hell out of me… that bit with the bleeding mirror… not nice at all at three o’clock in the morning in darkness with loud headphones on!” (FatBoyJack, United Kingdom)

7. Resident Evil (PS one)
“When everything was quiet, the dog zombies would smash throug the windows from outside and jump at you in the corridor of the mansion when you were least expecting it.” (rialivo, Italy)
“The original Resident Evil for the fact I nearly got the fright of my life the first time the monster came smashing through the window at the start of the game.” (McNeilio, United Kingdom)
“Like many, I jumped when the dogs shattered the windows of the corridor. I dreaded opening a door and falling on two or three hungry zombies while my charger was almost empty.” (bobby526, France)

8. Siren Blood Curse (PS3)
“Claustrophobic locations, killer nurses, mad doctors and the decline of a broken family…” (TheQueenC, Italy)
“Typical Japanese horror stories with graphics done so well that make you feel like you’re really there…” (Sand_Snake, France)

9. Fallout 3 (PS3)
“Fallout 3 was pretty scary because you didn’t expect to be scared by it. You could just be walking around the wasteland, and then you’d notice a deathclaw in the distance. You know it’s going to try to attack you, so you have to quickly think about what you’re going to do before it kills you. That’s the kind of horror that I see a lot in the game: you’re presented with a sudden task and you need to resolve it quickly, and it makes you panic – lovely!” (Mattiebo123, United Kingdom)

10 BioShock (PS3)
“There are scenes in this game when you really want to hide underneath your bed.” (kokinhas4, Portugal)

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