Office 365 Will Launch This Year

January 12, 2011 by | Comments

Office 365 for education, Microsoft’s next generation cloud productivity service for schools and universities, will launch later this year. The shift to the cloud is enabling anytime, anywhere learning and leveling the playing field for students worldwide.

When Microsoft announced Office 365 late last year, the company showed how workers will use the cloud to collaborate more easily from virtually anywhere on any device.

Now it’s about to do the same for students.

Microsoft announced today that Office 365 for education, the company’s next-generation cloud productivity service for K-12 schools and universities (and the successor to Live@edu), will launch later this year. The company made the announcement in London at BETT, the world’s largest educational technology showcase.

Also in London today, Microsoft announced that 15 million students now use Live@edu, up from 11 million students just three months ago. Office 365 for education will be the successor to Live@edu, which is Microsoft’s current communication and collaboration offering for K-12 schools and universities.

Just as technology is changing the world of work, it’s having a profound impact on education, said Jon Perera, Microsoft’s general manager of Education Strategy. The same enterprise-class productivity software that is untethering workers from their desks is now entering the classroom. That shift holds the promise of leveling the playing field for students worldwide…….

–(Microsoft PressPass, Information for Journalists – Feature Stories)–

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