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Oracle continues to work with the open source community to bring the most innovative and productive software to market. Oracle products received the most votes in several key categories of the 2010 Linux Journal Reader’s Choice Awards. With over 12,000 technologists reporting, these product earned top spots:

“If we had an award for Most Upwardly Mobile Linux Solution, it just might be VirtualBox,” said the survey report. “You’ve been favoring VirtualBox more and more with each passing year, such that a full 55 percent of you chose it as Best Virtualization Solution this year, which is up an impressive 23 percent from last year and more than double VMware’s result of 23 percent.

The report also stated that “OpenOffice.org remains your uncontested choice for Best Office Suite, and no program even passed the 10 percent threshold to warrant honorable mention.” Looking deeper into individual office applications, the survey found that OpenOffice.org Writer came out on top with over 39 percent of the vote.


“As the leading open source technology and service provider, Oracle continues to work with the community stakeholders to rapidly innovate many open source products for use in fully tested production environments,” says Edward Screven, Oracle’s chief corporate architect. “Supporting open source is important to Oracle and our customers, and we continue to invest in it.”

According to a recent report by the Linux Foundation, Oracle is one of the top ten contributors to the Linux Kernel. Oracle also contributes millions of lines of code to these important projects:

  • OpenJDK: 7,002,579
  • Eclipse: 1,800,000 (#3 in active committers)
  • MySQL: 5,073,113
  • NetBeans: 7,870,446
  • JSF: 701,980
    • Apache MyFaces Trinidad: 1,316,840
  • Hudson: 1,209,779
  • OpenOffice.org: 7,500,000


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