Panasonic iPhone/iPod SC-HC55 Docking Station

March 1, 2011 by | Comments

Panasonic Japan announced a new iDevice docking station suitable for iPods and iPhones, the SC-HC55, featuring high quality loadspeakers, allowing music enjoyment as well as an incoming call (HC55 only) amanagemnt. The unit can also recharge devices, once plugged.


 Features SC-HC55
Will be available mid-March
Will be available mid-March
Will be released in mid-April

ブラック Black-K
レッド Red-k

ホワイト White-W
シルバー -S Silver
ピンク Pink-P

ブラック Black-K
ホワイト White-W

Bluetooth / Wireless   audio receiver ×
Sensor open / close feature × ×
Handsfree answer capability * × ×
Media for music playback iPod / iPhone, CD,
AM · FM radio
iPod / iPhone, CD,
AM · FM radio
iPod / iPhone
Internet radio
(IPhone) App   support


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