Patients Improve Health Monitoring through Online Sites

January 3, 2011 by | Comments

Consumers are logging on to Web Sites with heart and blood monitors and sleep trackers to understand and improve their health.

According to Bill Bulkeley, “A Growing numbers of health-conscious consumers are connecting themselves to Web-based health services.
They are using new monitoring devices and health care portals to track and improve their physical well being.

These connected-health innovations range from clever devices like FitBit’s motion monitor that tracks daily activity to PatientsLikeMe, a Web site that provides support communities for patients facing life-changing diseases.

Some health care specialists think individuals aided by these devices and Web sites could take actions that boost public health significantly. Insurers and Medicare aren’t rushing to pay for such devices. But suppliers say some employers, eager to hold down care costs, are showing interest in equipping their workers with aids that will motivate weight loss or exercise.”

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