Pioneer awarded for Best Technology at the International DJ Awards

October 20, 2010 by | Comments

At the 13th annual International DJ Award show, at world-famous Pacha (Ibiza) on 28th September, Pioneer were selected by a panel of experts – ranging from DJs and producers to promoters and the media – for its dedication to producing products the electronic music industry love to use.

Pioneer was the only manufacturer to pick up an award, thanks to the industry’s reception of the innovative CDJ-2000/CDJ-900 players and rekordbox software. The new CDJs have started to gain traction during their first Ibiza season – and are expected to become the club industry standard.

DJ Awards co-founder and renowned producer Lenny Ibizarre explains:

“The technology award is dedicated to the company that has provided the state-of-the-art new industry standard throughout the past decade. Pioneer have changed the game by redesigning the DJ Box as we know it and in doing so they have written history.”

–(Pioneer UK Newsfeed)–

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