Pioneer introduces 3 new home cinema systems with 3D compatibility

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One of the major enhancements across the range is the systems’ ability to pass 3D video signals over HDMI. The new line-up includes the 5.1-channel HTP-610 a brilliant solution for immersive high definition home cinema sound in the home entertainment space. For those looking to match their home cinema system to their flat screen TV, we offer the 3.1 channel HTP-SB510 sound bar style and the 2.1 channel HTP-FS510 front speaker system.

The HTP-610, HTP-SB510 and HTP-FS510 will be available from Pioneer’s retail network from December 2010 onwards.

The HTP-610 is suited to anyone who wishes to make home cinema core to their living space.

The highly attractive “HTP” product range consists of a main subwoofer unit, incorporating a fully featured home cinema receiver, combined with three speaker set variations. All receiver subwoofer components are finished in a high-gloss, deep black, exuding a clean, minimalist feel that will enhance any living room environment.

Bringing together the best in design with the best in technology, these home cinema systems use the very latest innovations to bring movies to life. Each system includes three of the latest specification HDMI (v1.4a with 3D) inputs. Being fully compatible with upcoming 3D TV broadcast receivers, Blu-ray Disc players and game consoles, these connections allow HD audio to be processed in the system combined with digital transfer of both HD video and audio to a flat screen TV through a single HDMI cable.

Integrated decoders for the most advanced HD audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, enable the systems to deliver sound to match the breathtaking depth and richness of high definition imagery. Measuring the sound field with the provided microphone, the Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) system creates the ideal acoustic environment. This technology uses the same functionality as a professional sound stage, bringing outstanding audio precision into the entertainment space.

For the ultimate iPhone or iPod experience – without the need for a docking station – all four systems come with a specialist cable providing a complete video and digital audio connection. The digital USB audio connection for iPhone or iPod allows skipping intermediate digital-to-analogue conversion steps, and guarantees the purest possible digital sound quality.

Rounding out these home cinema systems is an intuitive preset remote, which can also be used to control other Pioneer equipment.

The HTP-SB510 bar-style system is designed to complement flat screen TVs

Model configuration

Three speaker configurations ensure that you have the freedom to select the system that best matches your living room:

    HTP-610 5.1 channel – offering similar performance but in a more compact speaker design, the HTP-610 is a great option for users who enjoy the impact of 5.1 channel surround sound, but prefer smaller speakers. The system creates a clean setting with a dual centre speaker and four small yet high performance satellite speakers. It provides a power output of 6x 100W including the subwoofer. HTP-SB510 3.1 channel – slim, stylish, powerful, the HTP-SB510 sound bar system is designed to complement flat screen TVs. The system delivers powerful 3.1 channel surround sound, providing a power output of 4x 100W including the subwoofer. Adding the optional S-SB5R speakers creates a genuine 5.1 channel surround sound setting. HTP-FS510 2.1 channel – the HTP-FS510 is perfect for those who want to enjoy surround sound from speakers that blend in next to their flat screen TV. It too offers great looks with the glossy black and high quality grill jersey fascias and consists of two height adjustable, slim front speakers for 2.1 channel performance at 3 x 100W including the subwoofer.


In summary, the key specifications common across the range include:

    Compact receiver subwoofer main unit
    5.1 channel with 4 satellite + dual centre speakers (HTP-610) 3.1 channel with bar-style front speaker (HTP-SB510) 2.1 channel with 2 slim front speakers (HTP-FS510)
    Full support for 3D video over HDMI (v1.4a with 3D)
    Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master Audio decoders
    HDMI repeater
    iPhone/iPod Digital Connection via USB (specialist audio/video cable included)
    FM radio tuner
    Advanced Sound Retriever
    Auto Level Control
    Phase Control

–(Pioneer UK Newsfeed)–

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