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Ubisoft tester, David Bolle, offers his top ten tips on how to become an amazing assassin in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood,

1. At the beginning of Sequence 2, the Borgias are not aware that Ezio is in Rome. You will remain undetected even if you perform illegal actions, so make some money by pickpocketing people without worrying about becoming a wanted man. Remember – some people are much richer than they appear to be.

2. Want to impress your friends with your virtual training scores? Here’s how. In the Combat part of the training, the two flawless challenges are probably the most difficult ones. However, there is a really cool and useful technique to kill lots of guards with one shot when they approach you. Kill the first wave of guards with your sword – it’s the easier way to block the attacks while performing kill streaks – then when the next guards arrive, steal the halberd axe from one of them and press the attack button to charge and release it to make a 360 degrees move and take out all the guards around you. It’s still a bit risky, so be sure to target an enemy during the combat to perform this attack.

3. The leaders of the Borgia Towers are divided into two types: the courageous and the cowards. The courageous will respond to your attacks, but the cowards are sometimes hard to catch and kill; as soon as they see you, they flee to their HQ and you’ll have to wait for them to return.

The best way to kill them is to use your assassins, but if you don’t have any with you there are a few other ways: first, always begin an approach from the rooftops. If the leader is not reachable from a roof, use a dead body to attract him. You can also poison the guards around him from a distance with a poisoned dart – they will go berserk and probably kill him.

4. The three guilds can be upgraded with very helpful skills. The courtesans can gain a poisoned kiss, the thieves can upgrade to an automatic steal and the mercenaries can shove. Each guild has its own board of challenges to complete to be able to upgrade them.

5. Once you’ve met Leonardo, find benches to buy new items from him such as the poisoned dart, the double blade and the climb leap glove. Since you cannot re-interact with the same bench, use the replay mode to go back in the Sequence 04 Memory 08 (An Unexpected Visitor) where you met Leonardo, and buy the items without having to go to different locations each time you want to buy a piece of equipment. 

6. It can sometimes be difficult to achieve full synchronisation, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Your best friend in this kind of mission will be the crossbow; it kills guards from a long distance without alerting others around them, so it is really important to buy the crossbow as soon as the first shops are unlocked. It is expensive but worth it.

7. In the Memory 03 from Sequence 05 (When In Rome…), Ezio, disguised as a guard, needs to find his way to the Banker’s party. In these situations, use the Eagle vision. Ezio will turn red if he faces the wrong direction and turn yellow if he faces the right direction. It will also be easier that way to complete the mission with 100% synchronization.

8. In the Sequence 08 Memory 02 (An Apple A Day…) you are tasked with the mission of not killing anyone. As soon as the mission starts, run as fast as you can to the entrance and try to tackle the guards to avoid being hit or stuck, then climb the nearest building to leave the area from the rooftops.

9. Don’t forget that you can throw smoke bombs. Just aim at a guard and press the attack button. It can be really helpful, especially in restricted areas.

10. If you have the Double Hidden Blades and you surprise your enemies, you have a couple of seconds after your first double kill before your attacks are blocked. If you are fast enough, you could kill four guards before the fight starts.

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