Play Like a Pro: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

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Learn the ways of the Force with some powerful tips from LucasArts, developer of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

1. Collect and combine lightsaber crystals
During the course of Starkiller’s adventure you will find many collectable items. Some are purely cosmetic, like the whimsical Guybrush Threepkiller costume, while others provide you with a new ability or bonus, like lightsaber crystals.

These crystals, which come in many different colours and varieties, will not only change the appearance of Starkiller’s lightsaber but often grant powerful bonuses. Experiment by equipping different combinations of crystals. For example, try pairing an attacking saber crystal, like the black Disintegration crystal, with the defensive blue Meditation crystal (which replenishes your Force Energy with each strike).

Try using different crystal combinations that complement your preferred play style and soon you’ll have Starkiller slicing through Imperials like a knife through hot butter!

2. Use Force Fury wisely
Force Fury, one of Starkiller’s brand new powers, allows him to temporarily amp up the effect of all of his Force powers to levels never imagined or seen in any Star Wars game or movie. This incredible power is lethal but it must be used wisely to be effective.

Unleashing Force Fury in the middle of a small group of Stormtroopers will allow you to crush them all in a matter of seconds, but you may wish that you had saved Force Fury for an encounter with a deadlier foe. For example, did you know that you can pick up a Carbonite War Droid or AT-MP using Force Grip while Starkiller is in Force Fury mode? Try this next time you’re caught off-guard by one of these larger units and you’ll be sure to make short work of them.

3. Dealing with Terror Troopers
You can’t hit what you can’t see, and the teleporting Terror Troopers are no exception. These brand new Imperial units, given to Boba Fett by Darth Vader to help track down the fugitive Starkiller clone, seemingly have the ability to disappear. This allows them to get the jump on an unsuspecting Jedi… but you can fight back!

The best strategy is to stun them in place using Force Lightning and then go in for the kill with your lightsaber. Jedi Mind Trick is also effective as it confuses them long enough so you can attack them before they disappear again.

4. Don’t forget about Jedi Mind Trick
Another one of Starkiller’s new Force powers is Jedi Mind Trick. This familiar Force power has been re-imagined just like all of the Force powers in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II to be over the top and completely unleashed! When used on weak-minded enemies like Stormtroopers, it can cause hilarious results: enemies attacking one another or even jumping off a cliff to their doom. But it can also be used strategically. For example, using Mind Trick from afar is a great way to keep enemies off your back when you’re low on health.

Mind Trick can also be used to keep larger, more difficult enemies like the Incinerator Wardroid pre-occupied by Mind Tricking other enemies in the area because they will turn and attack it while you look for cover or objects to throw.

5. Pick your battles
Given that Starkiller may be the most powerful Force wielder the Star Wars universe has even seen, it’s no wonder that as a player you might have the inclination to rush into any battle without taking stock of the situation first. Sometimes this strategy works, but it’s usually due to luck and when that luck runs out it’s curtains for our hero. That’s why it’s important to survey each battle carefully and devise a plan of attack by deciding which enemies to take on first.

For example, if Starkiller bursts into the Casino on Cato Neimoidia and he finds a larger group of Imperial Riot Troopers flanked by a small battalion of snipers, then it’s probably wiser to go after the snipers first, ignoring the Riot Troopers until their sniper cover is dispatched. Once that is complete, the Riot Troopers are no match for Starkiller.

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