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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 developer Yukes teaches you how to become king of the ring on PlayStation 3 using a variety of WWE wrestling superstars.

1. Big Show
The largest athlete in sports entertainment is one of the most difficult WWE Superstars to deal with in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011. His power and size often overwhelm opponents, and this year’s game will not stray from that perception. With a 100 Grapple rating, Big Show can wear down his opponent quickly. When playing as him keep your opponent in the corner and on the ground as much as you can or you may have trouble pulling off those grapple manoeuvres.

2. Bret Hart
The Excellence of Execution did not get his nickname without being one of the most technical competitors of his time in the WWE. Bret Hart is the epitome of the term, “submission specialist” for his technical ability to focus on the legs and back of his opponent so that he can land his patented Sharpshooter submission hold.

3. CM Punk
CM Punk believes he is better than every other wrestler out there, and in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, his 93 Overall rating makes him better than almost everyone in the game. CM Punk is an extremely well rounded competitor and can perform everything with panache. His 90 Strike rating makes him one of the more punishing strikers in the game, so when you mix in a taunt here and there, opponents will be sleeping before they even step foot on the canvas.

4. Edge
The Rated R Superstar and nine-time champion has the intangibles (90 Charisma, 85 Speed and 85 Technical ratings) that make him a very unpredictable WWE Superstar in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011. Although his grapple, strike and submission ratings are 80, the best way to use Edge is to think outside the box.

Distract the referee, take the match outside the ring and spend time stalling in order to frustrate your opponent, which is what Edge does best. His deadly Spear finisher can be triggered from almost anywhere and is also one of the fastest finishing moves in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011.

5. John Cena
No one WWE Superstar evokes the emotion of the WWE Universe more than John Cena. Rated at 95 Overall, you really can’t go wrong with the West Newbury, Massachusetts native when it comes to the squared circle. His 90 Durability rating means Cena can take a beating and still manage to come back with the heart and intensity that has made him the number one WWE Superstar in the business right now.

Cena is not known to focus on any one part of the body during a match in preparation for a submission finisher. Strike (85 rating), and Grapple (90 rating) are Cena’s bread and butter. Use these combinations in variation for the perfect lead-in to Cena’s Attitude Adjustment finisher.

6. Kelly Kelly
She’s so nice, they named her twice. Kelly Kelly debuted in ECW but has honed her craft as a competitor in the past few years to become one of the WWE’s top Divas. Taunt often, because Kelly Kelly’s 95 Charisma rating will ensure a quickly filled meter to perform her awesome K2 finisher.

7. Sheamus
Since his debut in WWE, Sheamus has won the WWE Championship twice and has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with. As the only Irish born WWE Champion, you can certainly tell where he gets his 90 rated Strike from. Sheamus is not a submission specialist, so avoid using them if at all possible. Use a variation of running strikes and grapples for maximum effect and finish your opponent off with Sheamus’ Brogue Kick. It is the perfect move that you can trigger during almost any situation.

8. The Miz

No one can match The Miz when it comes to Charisma (90 rating). Taunt often to get The Miz’s meter up, and you’ll not only spite your opponent in Miz-like fashion, but when you’re performing your Skull Crushing Finale finisher on your opponent, they’ll be left wondering what just happened.

9. Triple H
Triple H is not only a future WWE Hall of Famer, he is the most well rounded WWE Superstar in the game and can be effective as a submission specialist, striker and grappler, or even as a ring psychologist. Make sure you taunt often so that Triple H can perform his infamous Pedigree finisher on an opponent sooner rather than later.

10. Undertaker
The highest rated WWE Superstar in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011. Are you surprised? Forget his unforgettable WrestleMania streak, without it Undertaker would still be a WWE Hall of Famer and could match any other WWE Legend. In his early days, Undertaker was known as a striker and a grappler with deceptive quickness and speed for such a big man. Great competitors always improve as their career expands, and Undertaker did just that by perfecting his devastating submission finisher, Hell’s Gate. This is the Undertaker – use him and do whatever you want!

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