Playstation’s users Pick of the Year.

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It’s been a terrific 12 months for PlayStation users, and now you can tell us what the greatest games of 2010 have been. As and get set to bring you all the essential news and features you’ll need to wave goodbye to 2010 and welcome a new year of PlayStation gaming, this is your chance to lend your voice to the year’s biggest edition of Obsession Confessions.   

Whether it was the incredible driving and detail of Gran Turismo 5, Kratos’ immense assault on Mount Olympus in God of War III or the revolutionary story-telling of Heavy Rain that lit up your year, tell us about it. Perhaps you enjoyed the incredible Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood most of all, or maybe you got your kicks from the mighty FIFA 11? Whatever your highlight, you owe it to your favourite game to shout its praises in the official PlayStation Forums.

Head to and tell us what the best game of 2010 is and why. A definitive top ten will then be published here on, complete with the best comments on each game. Just be sure to post your choice in the official PlayStation Forums by 23 December 2010.

Now’s your chance to decide Game Of The Year 2010 – join the debate at

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