Seagate Releases BlackArmor NAS firmware upgrade

November 19, 2010 by | Comments

This week Seagate is rolling out a free firmware upgrade for its BlackArmor® NAS line of products providing small businesses and prosumers around the world with additional functionality and flexibility to support their evolving digital needs. 

What’s new in this firmware upgrade?

  • Time Machine® software support (additional backup compatibility for Mac® computers)
  • iTunes® Server Version 10.x (compliant)
  • FTP over SSL/TLS (secure file sharing protocol service)
  • WiDMS 2.0 Media Server Upgrade (additional audio/video file formats supported)
  • 8 Additional Languages Supported (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Greek)

Who is eligible for this new firmware and how do I get a copy?

All current and future BlackArmor NAS product customers are eligible for this free firmware upgrade.  There are three ways the new firmware is being distributed:

  • Current BlackArmor® NAS customers will receive electronic upgrade notification with the option to automatically initiate their firmware upgrade.
  • Current BlackArmor® NAS customers can download the new firmware by clicking here
  • The firmware is included in new BlackArmor® NAS products (starting November 2010).

Added value for you and your business

BlackArmor® NAS users can start to benefit from the additional features in this new firmware today.  Over the next several days, keep an eye out for additional blog posts on Storage Means Business to learn more about the benefits of this new firmware.   

Is a BlackArmor NAS product right for you?

To learn more about how BlackArmor NAS products can benefit your small business or home office environment, click here.  Be sure to view the brief video on ‘What a NAS can do for you’.

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  • mekky

    io ho fatto l’aggiornamento … ma ora il sevizio Media Server cade dopo 5 minuti è non è più visibile nella rete, in più quel poco che si vede nei cinque minuti si capisce che non riesce ad indicizzare il files.
    devo formattarlo forse ? o ce una cura meno drastica ?

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