Muglia Discusses the Latest News for Server and Tools

November 10, 2010 by | Comments

From cloud computing to business intelligence, Microsoft’s fall conferences featured a wide range of important announcements. Server and Tools Business President Bob Muglia talks with Microsoft News Center to make sense of it all, and to explain why providing customers with choice is so important.

Cloud computing is starting to gain traction all over the world as companies embrace the services model and learn how to build applications that harness the cloud’s endless scalability. At the same time, an emerging class of integrated appliances — with its ability to reduce complexity and deployment time — is piquing customer interest in areas such business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing. Microsoft is on the forefront of these trends and is responding with a new wave of tools, technologies and programs to help customers and partners get the most out of the next generation of IT.

With so many announcements in such a short time, it would be easy to miss something, so Microsoft News Center tracked down Server and Tools Business President Bob Muglia for a briefing.

–(Microsoft PressPass, Information for Journalists – Feature Stories)–

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