Samsung Galaxy S 2 Red Spot Fears early adopters

May 16, 2011 by | Comments

While pre-orders and sales of the new top rated Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S 2 in the world are hitting new marks, a new ghost is wafting in the camera’s dark room of the GS2. Many users have noticed that in low light conditions a red (pink) spot appears in the middle of the capture. The problem seems to arise also when capturing videos in same conditions:  

Users expectations are that the bug will be fixed with next firmware updates, however the latest one, it didn’t. Not all phones seem to be affected from this problem, however many users probably did not test this jet.



Basically it looks like the red/pink/green spot is quite common on smartphones cameras; iPhones and Nokias make no exception. 

This could be due either to white balance or anti-reflective coating issues.

iPhone4 green spot camera issue

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