Seagate Unveils Thinnest 9mm Portable Hard Drive at CES2011

January 13, 2011 by | Comments

Seagate unveiled what could be considered the thinnest 9mm Portable Hard Drive at CES2011.

According to LaptoMag’s article “With a working name of the “tiniest GoFlex,” the drive is covered gorgeous black brushed metal with chrome trim. On the inside sits a 7,200 rpm hard drive just as in the larger GoFlex drives, and like its thicker brethren, it has a removable GoFlex adapater that contains a USB 3.0 port but can be swapped for a wide variety of other connections or even attached to one of Seagate’s docking stations. However, because the “tiniest” is slimmer than other GoFlex devices it may not fit tightly into docking stations created for the regular GoFlex line.

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