Sixty Startups From Around the World to Showcase Tomorrow’s Technologies at NVIDIA’s Emerging Companies Summit

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SANTA CLARA, CA — () — 09/09/2010 — Sixty companies from more than a dozen countries will showcase new technologies based on the graphics processing unit (GPU) — including computer vision, robotics, gesture recognition and video processing — at the Emerging Companies Summit this month in San Jose, Calif.

The 60 companies will share key details and provide technology demonstrations from their exhibit space on the show floor.

An advisory committee has selected 24 of the 60 to present on stage before panels of technology leaders, analysts and investors. In these sessions, their CEOs will discuss business strategy with panels comprised of technology executives from Adobe, Cisco, Google, IBM and Microsoft, along with members of leading investment firms, like Charles River Ventures, Interwest, Morgenthaler Ventures and Sutter Hill.

Among the companies selected for these CEO on Stage presentations are: Milabra (visual recognition to make online advertising more effective), Bunkspeed (3D rendering and animation software), Playcast (games on demand), Cooliris (visual web browser for photos and video), Softkinetic (gesture recognition), RTT (3D visualization software), Scalable Display (software for multi-projector display systems), Universal Robotics (software for robots that learn from their environment), Useful Progress (medical imaging), Natural Motion (3D character animation and physics modeling), and OptiTex (3D visualization software for fashion-related industries). Despite challenging economic conditions, their innovations are providing substantial growth potential and attracting the attention of corporate investors and members of the VC community.

The Third Annual Emerging Companies Summit (ECS), part of the GPU Technology Conference, will take place Sept. 21-23, at the San Jose Convention Center. It will provide a rare opportunity to see how startups are utilizing GPUs to supercharge existing applications and create new solutions. Familiar sectors, such as media and entertainment, have already been fundamentally altered by the GPU. And new industries and applications are rapidly emerging in the fields of computer vision, facial and gesture recognition, medical imaging, physics and artificial intelligence.

Event sponsors include Cooley, Citigroup, Churchill Club, Deloitte, Silicon Valley Bank and Sutter Hill.

The GPU Technology Conference is where the world’s foremost computing experts gather to talk about breakthrough work enabled by GPUs. GTC 2010 will feature 287 sessions of technical content targeted for researchers, developers and technologists. See the GTC 2010 agenda here.

“Our technology will save lives by giving doctors the ability to see into the human body like never before, without the risk and injury of invasive surgery. The Emerging Companies Summit gives us an opportunity to share this magic with the world.” — Sylvain Ordureau, chief executive officer, Useful Progress

“We’ve made incredible advances in real-time reactive robotic technology by leveraging the power of NVIDIA GPUs. We’re looking forward to discussing our technology and business strategy with industry leaders at the Emerging Companies Summit, to take our business to the next level.” — David Peters, founder and chief executive officer, Universal Robotics

“Computer vision — which is the science of machines that extract meaning from visual data — offers great promise for future robotic and vision-mediated applications. I’m delighted to participate in a panel on computer vision at the Emerging Companies Summit in order to share my insights and learn from my fellow panelists.” — Thomas Dean, research scientist at Google

“The emerging companies which will be at this conference are really on the cutting edge of technology. I’m looking forward to hosting one of the panels to explore how the next wave of computing will be built by companies like these, as they harness the power of graphics processors.” — Rob Enderle, principal, The Enderle Group

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