Social Networking Goes to Everest

January 19, 2011 by | Comments

Mountaineering legend Ed Viesturs describes how a new 3G service brings Tweeting, Facebook and “Virtual Expeditions” to the world’s tallest mountain

“In 1992, mountaineering legend Ed Viesturs risked life and limb in a dramatic rescue on the icy slopes of the world’s second-tallest mountain, Pakistan’s K2. A fellow climber had fallen deathly ill at 26,000 feet – close to the cruising altitude of a commercial jet – and Viesturs was among a group of men tasked with getting him down the mountain. The rescue was aided by what was then considered bleeding-edge technology. During the descent, one of the climbers radioed base camp with the sick man’s symptoms. There, an expedition manager relayed that information by satellite phone to a specialist in New Zealand, then radioed instructions from the specialist back to the team on K2.”

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