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The UnderGarden
Part adventure, part puzzler, The UnderGarden tickles the senses with its delicate, beautiful, underwater world. You play as a sea dweller whose role in life is to cultivate the curious plants he encounters using a combination of pollen and music. The challenge – always gentle, never frustrating – comes from figuring out how to reach plants in this unique, deep sea environment. Bathe in The UnderGarden’s hypnotic aura by downloading it from PlayStation Store to your PlayStation 3.  

Eat, grow, evolve. That’s the simple yet compelling mantra of flOw, the award-winning game that puts you in the body of a simple organism and lets you glide through its watery wonderland. Your creature consumes other nearby organisms to grow and develop, and with free rein to evolve as you please, you influence your own experience. Go with the flOw on PlayStation 3 and PSP, available to download from PlayStation Store.   

Escape the pressures of everyday life with this breath of fresh air for PlayStation 3 as flOwer puts you in control of the wind. Gust through lush, sun-drenched valleys and meadows, using the wireless controller’s motion sensitive controls to guide the breeze, collect petals and alter the environment around you in surreal and wonderful ways. Blow your stresses away by downloading flOwer from PlayStation Store today.  

PixelJunk Eden
Get your fingers dirty in PixelJunk Eden, a vibrant take on the platforming genre that swaps blocks and ramps for ever evolving gardens. As a tiny Grimp – who grips and jumps – you must leap and swing through dynamic alien undergrowth to collect hidden treasures. By harvesting pollen to grow the surrounding plants, you are able to reach deeper into this colourful jungle and discover fantastic new sights. It’s available now for PlayStation 3 from PlayStation Store.    

Pointing, pressing and praying your aim is true is the addictive concept behind Peggle, the insanely popular zen pinball experience for PlayStation 3. Clear each level of orange pegs using only ten balls to progress to more complex challenges and unlock new special powers. Simple mechanics, light humour and great sound effects keep Peggle fresh. See how many “just one more” goes you’ll have by downloading Peggle from PlayStation Store.   

EyePet Move Edition
Raise an inquisitive virtual pet using the PlayStation Eye camera and your own personality in EyePet Move Edition for PlayStation 3. Watch your Pet grow and develop by using the special in-game training programme – teach him to jump, draw and even play with toys you create. The more you encourage him, the more he’ll interact with you – and the more your Pet will feel a part of the family. Say hello to your new best friend on PlayStation 3, and on PSP in EyePet.

Tori Emaki
Guide a flock of birds through an ambient artwork scroll in Tori Emaki, and discover an atmospheric vision of the Far East unique to PlayStation 3. The PlayStation Eye camera tracks your movements and directs the birds to interactive elements of the picturesque world for a truly calming Journey. Download it from PlayStation Store and understand what it really means to have a bird’s-eye view.

Although the conundrums Braid poses are at times devilishly tricky, its time manipulation and whimsical visuals ensure this is never less than captivating. Create parallel worlds and discover new aspects of an entrancing story on your quest to rescue a princess. Storybook looks and sounds complete the effect, making Braid one of the most magical games you can download from PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3.   

Linger in Shadows
The laws of time and space are discarded in Linger in Shadows, as you try to unravel the mystery of a dreamlike sequence of events. Warp time itself to discover five magical symbols that light the way ahead and solve the subtle challenges posed, and watch as videogame convention is ignored. Linger in Shadows is available for PlayStation 3 from PlayStation Store now.

Journey is the third example of relaxation through innovation from thatgamecompany, the makers of flOw and flOwer. Waking in a vast desert, you embark on a quest towards a shining beacon atop a far off mountain. You’ll encounter other travellers – and you can join them, or carry on solo. Alone or with companions, Journey for PlayStation 3 is set to be an unforgettable voyage when it hits PlayStation Store later in 2011.

Try something a little different today with our suggestions and let PlayStation invigorate you.

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